Hagedorn VITECH knives are the benchmark for success and performance. When it comes to service life, VITECH knives provide maximum cutting output and reach completely new dimensions. In practice, the cutting performance is increased to 600 percent compared to a good-quality carbide-tipped knife. In addition to being very hard and durable, the hagedorn VITECH knife provides a noticeable reduction in both nicks and chips in the cutting blade. The knife remains free of stress and absolutely straight due to a worldwide patented bonding method, which is implemented during production. The hard metal is not soldered onto the base material, but glued to it at high strength and at a low temperature. This allows cuts to be more precise and gives the knife greater durability when cutting any material which can be processed on guillotines and three-knife trimmers. Top cutting machine producers consider hagedorn's VITECH knife as their best choice for solving any cutting problems related to knives. And 70 percent of all cutting problems are caused by choosing the wrong knife quality for your application.