Hagedorn-Messertechnik is also known for solving cutting problems by refining the tools. For maximum efficiency and performance of knives and other cutting tools the refinement and finishing of the top coat is paramount.

  • Glue residues on the back of the knife: The particular structure of Hagedorn's Screen-paper knife (patent pending) prevents the buildup of adhesive residues on the knife. This allows cutting runs of self-adhesive paper to be conducted without interruptions.
  • Glue residues on the knife The special knife coatings of theKarbona-Knife prevent any glue or glue residues to stick to the front or back of the knife. This ensures a consistent and continuous cutting quality.
  • Cutting tough or metallic materials: We also have a wide range of additional special knives available for cutting other sophisticated or demanding materials. For example, Titanium knives which are used to cut LISA plastics, or ultra-coated knives used when cutting sheets of aluminium, which also mitigate the usual aluminium buildup on the back of the knife.