All hagedorn Involute Blades are produced on special CNC machines following a defined and controlled manufacturing process. These production processes ensure a high truth of rotation and a particular stiffness of the knife, preventing interfering effects, such as the so-called flexing.

The knives are made of tool steel, high-speed steel (HSS) or powder steel. Based on our know-how in materials science our refining processes convert standard materials into cutting tools with outstanding properties:

3 differents grades, for your particular conditions

TRITECH-blades ensure excellent hygiene standards and optimum precision

LONGLIFE -blades ensure consistent quality, even under severe load

GENESIS-blades ensure maximum service life meeting the highest quality standards

hagedorn Involute Knives are suited for all commonly used machine types. Some examples are slicing machines produced by WEBER, GEA, SCHIWA, Marel, FORMAX, Thurne and other brands.