hagedorn FOODTECH at Anuga 2013, hall 7.1, stand no. 70

For the first time, Hagedorn Spiralmesser GmbH will be presenting itself as a food industry supplier with a joint booth called MOHN/HAGEDORN at Anuga 2013 in Cologne (Germany) from 5th to 9th of October.
Hagedorn's involute knives (also called slicer blades) are tailored to the procedures and high demands in sausage and cheese processing. They are employed in all slicing machines for sausage, ham, bacon, meat and cheese, resp., and ensure hygienic conditions, durability, superior service life and outstanding cutting quality. The knives are made of tool steel, high-speed steel (HSS) or powder steel.

Slicer blades for all well known machine manufacturers will be exhibited in three qualities, for example:

Tritech knives for excellent edge retention and optimum precision.
Longlife knives ensure consistent quality, even under severe load and
Genesis knives meeting the highest quality standards for maximum service life.

Anuga 2013 in Cologne (Germany), from 5th to 9th October

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