Grinding Container Model

You can solve 70 Percent of all cutting problems.
With just one single good idea: The Box meets Knives

After evaluating the service reports produced by the global market leader for cutting machines in more than 170 countries, it has become clear:

“In 70 percent of all cases, customer complaints about quality defects are not attributed to the cutting machine, but rather to the knives.”

This is caused by incorrectly sharpened knives.
This problem is of considerable significance for overall customer satisfaction, and is the basis for our three sustainable business models:

  • The fully equipped knife-grinding shop in a container
  • Upgrade to “Business Partner of hagedorn International”. Transfer of know-how including the technology and machines for grinding operations from related sectors
  • Win-Win Network, a reseller program for specialized retailers, with VITECH knives as a USP (unique selling proposition)

The Box meets knives

The idea is as simple as it is obvious: In regions where the regional infrastructure does not allow for the operation of a stationary grinding shop, a flexible solution is required.

The premium grinding shop in a container is the result of three decades of experience as engineers and service providers in the knife technology sector. The grinding container by hagedorn International contains a complete workshop – starting with the workbench – equipped with tools and grinding wheels. It continues with the straightening machine, a REFORM AR 21 CNC grinding machine, the extraction system, the knife rack and an office desk. In addition, the high voltage power supply is installed including all of the sockets, connect-ing points and safety lamps.

The return on investment is interesting

Supposing the total investment is financed with bank credits, then the result would be the following financial picture:

The time needed to sharpen a knife is 18 minutes and amounts to the purchase price of 8 Big Mac®.*)

*) Source: Wikipedia, Big Mac index, based on US$ 3.73. Big Mac® is a registered trademark of the McDonald’s restaurant chain